Table 1.

Results of the evaluation of 241 strains using the ID-YST card of the VITEK 2 system

SpeciesNo. of strains testedNo. (%) of strains in category
Unequivocal identificationLow discrimination resolvedLow discrimination not resolvedNo identificationMisidentification
Candida albicans28280000
Candida colliculosa110000
Candida dubliniensis220000
Candida glabrata36360000
Candida guilliermondii420110
Candida inconspicua600600
Candida intermedia202000
Candida kefyr13120001
Candida krusei29206102
Candida lambica220000
Candida lipolytica330000
Candida lusitaniae14130010
Candida norvegensis100100
Candida parapsilosis31300100
Candida pulcherrima110000
Candida rugosa110000
Candida tropicalis36360000
Candida utilis220000
Kloeckera apiculata202000
Saccharomyces cerevisiae21191001
Trichosporon mucoides110000
Total no. (%)241211 (87.6)11 (4.6)10 (4.1)5 (2.1)4 (1.7)