Table 3.

Reactions leading to misidentification of the strains tested

Comparison identificationVITEK 2 result(s)Reaction(s) (causes)a
C. kefyrMalassezia furfur/Malassezia pachydermatis, C. colliculosa− (inhibition of growth by actidione; assimilation of d-galactose,d-glucose, d-raffinose, sucrose,d-sorbitol, d-l-lactate, or succinate; cleavage of isoleucine-7AMC), ± (cleavage of β-glucoside–4MU)
C. kruseiG. capitatum, C. inconspicua, C. norvegensis− (assimilation ofN-acetyl-glucosamine), + (cleavage of β-glucoside–4MU)
C. kruseiG. capitatum− (assimilation ofd-l-lactate), ± (assimilation ofN-acetyl-glucosamine or mono-methyl-ester-succinate)
S. cerevisiaeC. colliculosa− (assimilation ofd-galactose, d-maltose, ord-l-lactate)
  • a +, false-positive reaction (with regard to the database); −, false-negative reaction (with regard to the database); ±, neither negative nor positive reaction (excluded from analysis).