Table 1.

Characteristics of virus strains used in this study

StrainIC50 (μg/ml) for:TKIsolationReference(s)
 VR-30.08819.511.8376WT36, 37
 VRTK >10052.11.6R281Stop280TK In vitro from the VR-336, 37
 KOSdlsactk>10023.31.34-bp del. at codon 149 and 150180TK In vitro from the KOS3
 SC16 S146.119.83.1C336Y376TKA In vitro from the SC166
 DM21>10035.71.2816-bp del.TK In vitro from the SC167
 TAS0.08910.512.7376WT2, 31
 TAR>10011.41.3One-nucleotide del. at codon 355407TK In an immunodeficient child from the TAS31
 BW-R35.313.41.8One-nucleotide ins. at codon 185227TK In an immunodeficient child from the BW-S34
 11334>10015.30.9One-nucleotide del. at codon 146181TK From an AIDS patient12
 UW2680.675.34.5375WT36, 37
 UWTK ins. at codon 186228TK In vitro from the 28636, 37
 87020.6719.77.7376WTFrom an AIDS patient8
 870855.024.1NTR223H376TKA From an AIDS patient8
 8713>10013.51.3One-nucleotide del. at codon 7385TK From an AIDS patient8
 11571>10021.71.2One-nucleotide ins. at codon 266390TK From an AIDS patient12
 11572>10027.71.0D274G376TK From an AIDS patient12
 11575>10027.4NTOne-nucleotide ins. at codon 186228TK From an AIDS patient12
 1178532.825.41.4N78D, R223H376TK From an AIDS patient12
 4365-966.427.66.8N78D, L140F, R177W, R220K375TKA From a healthy adult14
 YS0.657.064.6341WT15, 33
 YSR13.54.71.2One-nucleotide del. at codon 164170TK In vitro from the YS15, 33
Cell (HEL)
  • a The 50% inhibitory concentration (IC50) of ACV and phosphonoacetic acid (PAA) was determined by a plaque reduction assay on HEL fibroblasts.

  • b Thymidine kinase activity in mock- or virus-infected HEL fibroblasts at 8 h postinfection was measured and expressed as fmol/cell/min.

  • c The mutation sites of the BW-R, 11334, 11571, 11572, 11575, and 11785 were determined in this study, and other data are cited from previous reports which listed in the “Reference(s)” column.

  • d Predicted size of the TK polypeptides from the nucleotide sequence of the TK gene were expressed as the number of amino acids.