Table 4.

Effects of restriction endonucleases singly and in combination on CT value for positive 16S rRNA (E. coli and N. meningitidis) and negative (sterile water) template controls

ControlCT value with the following restriction enzyme (enzyme combinationa):
No enzymeAvaIHaeIIIHinfISau3AISmaI
Positive, E. coli 17.2617.2616.7717.1016.8417.12
Positive, N. meningitidis 24.0823.7023.7723.3223.4923.65
Negative28.6129.2028.53 (28.54)28.81 (26.39)27.80 (28.65)27.80 (30.01)
  • a Combinations included AvaI and the enzyme for which data are provided in the column.