Table 1.

HCMV culture, NucliSens pp67 assay, and glycoprotein B DNA PCR results stratified by disease group

Patient groupd and CSF sample(s)DiseaseResult of:
Culturepp67 assayPCR
 1 to 7No neurologic diseaseNDa
 9 to 13ADC
 14 to 17ADC and cryptococcal meningitis
 18ADC, cryptococcal meningitis, lymphomaND +
 19 to 22ADC, cryptococcal meningitis, lymphomaND 
 23ADC and lymphoma+
 24 to 26Cryptococcal meningitisND 
 27LymphomaND +
 28 to 30LymphomaND 
 31Lyme neuroborreliosis+
 32Lyme neuroborreliosis
 33, 34Neurosyphilis
 36 M. tuberculosismeningitisND +
 37 M. tuberculosis meningitisND 
 38 to 40Viral meningitis (non-CMV)
 41 to 46NonspecificND 
 47CMV encephalitis++
 48CMV encephalitis+++
 49CMV encephalitis++
 50CMV encephalitis++
 51b CMV retinitis and encephalitis+
 52CMV retinitis and encephalitis, lymphoma++
 53CMV retinitis and encephalitis, PML, ADC++
 54CMV retinitis and encephalitis, PML, ADC++
 55CMV neuropathy and ADC+++
 56CMV radiculopathy and ADC+
 57c CMV radiculopathy and ADC+
 58R/Oe CMV encephalopathy and ADC++
 59R/O CMV encephalopathy, ADC, or PML+
 60 to 66R/O CMV encephalopathy, ADC, or PML
 67R/O CMV radiculopathy and ADC
 68CMV retinitis
 69CMV retinitis and ADC
 70CMV viremia and ADC
 71CMV viremia and ADC
 72CMV viremia and ADC
 73CMV viremia, ADC, PML
 74CMV viremia and lymphomaND 
 75CMV pneumonia, pleural effusionND 
 76CMV pneumonia and lymphoma
  • a ND, not done.

  • b Patient had been on foscarnet therapy for 3 days at time of CSF collection.

  • c Patient had been on ganciclovir therapy for 7 days at time of CSF collection.

  • d Patient groups were as follows: A, control group; B, non-HCMV CNS disease; C, possible HCMV CNS disease; and D, nonneural HCMV CNS disease.

  • e R/O, rule out.