Characteristics of the 37 patients with pulmonary aspergillosis and 83 without pulmonary aspergillosisd

CharacteristicResults for:P value
Nonaspergillosis group (n = 83)Aspergillosis group (n = 37)
Sex (no. of males/no. of females)42/4122/150.368a
Median (range) age (yr)52 (14–84)53 (14–85)0.949c
No. (%) of patients with the following underlying pulmonary diseases:
    COPD7 (8.43)5 (13.51)0.511b
    Bronchiectasis15 (18.07)10 (27.03)0.265a
    Previous tuberculosis9 (10.84)9 (24.32)0.056a
No. (%) of patients with the following extrapulmonary diseases:
    Diabetes mellitus6 (7.23)6 (16.22)0.185b
    Hypertension12 (14.46)2 (5.41)0.222b
    Chronic hepatitis5 (6.02)1 (2.70)0.665b
    Cerebrovascular accident1 (1.20)1 (2.70)1b
Corticosteroid treatment6 (7.23)8 (21.62)0.032b
No underlying diseases33 (39.76)3 (8.11)<0.001a
  • a χ2 test.

  • b Fisher's exact probability test.

  • c Mann-Whitney U test.

  • d Enumeration data were expressed as a percentage and analyzed by a χ2 test, Fisher's exact probability test, or the Mann-Whitney U test. A P value of <0.05 was considered statistically significant. COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.