Table 1.

Phenotypic characteristics of B. holmesiiisolates, other representative Bordetella spp., and a nonhemolytic asaccharolytic Acinetobacter

Testa% of positive isolates (no. of isolates with delayed reactions)
B. holmesii (n = 32 [nasopharyngeal])bB. pertussis(n = 5)B. parapertussis (n = 5)B. bronchiseptica (n = 4)Asaccharolytic nonhemolyticAcinetobacterc
Fluorescent-antibody test with:
B. pertussisconjugate010000NTd
B. parapertussisconjugate001000NT
Beta-like hemolysis0100e 1005022
Acid produced from dextrose00000
Growth on MacConkey agar100f 010010073 (4)
Urea hydrolysis001001005 (14)
Brown soluble pigment1000100010
Acinetobactertransformation assay0000100
  • a All isolates tested negative by Gram staining. Except for Gram staining, the oxidase test, theAcinetobacter transformation assay, and the fluorescent-antibody test, test results were read daily. Final readings were taken after 7 days of incubation.

  • b Isolates include two strains previously confirmed at the CDC as B. holmesii. One B. holmesii blood isolate (95R0375) was negative by all tests except the oxidase test (it showed a light reaction) and the brown soluble pigment test.

  • c Data are from reference10.

  • d NT, not tested.

  • e The reaction was weak.

  • f The reaction was light.