Table 1.

Serologic diagnosis of WN virus infection in hospitalized patients by clinical diagnosis

Clinical diagnosisNo. of patients testedWN virus infection, confirmed and presumptive cases
WN virus-specific IgM antibodies in CSFaWN virus-specific antibodies in serumbTotal (%)
Neurological cases meeting case definition (total)25775141216 (84)
 Meningoencephalitis1153467101 (89)
 Encephalitis49231841 (84)
 Meningitis93185674 (80)
Other clinical diagnoses (total)3391120 (61)
 Acute fever and headache10628 (80)
 Respiratory tract infection555 (100)
 Other acute febrile illness18347 (39)
  • a With or without serum virus-specific antibodies.

  • b IgM and/or IgG, with or without seroconversion.