Table 1.

Control strains of Legionella

Bacterial strainSourceaResult of PCR with primer-probe set
5S rDNAmip
L. pneumophila
 Serogroup 1ATCC 33152++
 Serogroup 1CDC Philadelphia strain++
 Serogroup 1++
 Serogroup 2++
 Serogroup 3++
 Serogroup 4++
 Serogroup 5++
 Serogroup 6++
L. longbeachae+
 Serogroup 1+
 Serogroup 2+
L. dumoffii+
L. dumoffii+
L. bozemaniiATCC 33204+
L. micdadei+
L. micdadeiATCC 33623+
L. jordanis+
  • a If not otherwise specified, strains are Mayo Clinic isolates.