Table 1.

Oligonucleotide primers used in this work

Asp-1 SenseATAGGATCCGTBGTBTTYCAYTGG UniversalAspergillus spp.
Asp-2 AntisenseCGCGGATCCAAYTTYTTYTGYTCCAT UniversalAspergillus spp.
P-A1 SenseCTTCTTTGCGTGCAGAGA Specific for cyp51AA. fumigatus
P-A2 Antisense GGGGTCGTCAATGGACTASpecific for cyp51AA. fumigatus
P-A3Sense TAGTCCATTGACGACCCC Specific for cyp51AA. fumigatus
P-B1 Sense CTTTTTCGACTGCCGCGCSpecific for cyp51BA. fumigatus
P-B2Antisense AGGCGTAGTGAGTGGAGA Specific for cyp51BA. fumigatus
P-B3 Sense TCTCCACTCACTACGCCTSpecific for cyp51BA. fumigatus
Asp-7 Antisense CCARCGRTGNGGRTCCCA UniversalA. fumigatus
P-A5 AntisenseTCTCTGCACGCAAAGAAGAAC cyp51A 5′ end A. fumigatus
P-A6 Sense ACCCCTTACATGATTCCTCCCCcyp51A 3′ end A. fumigatus
P-A7Sense TCATATGTTGCTCAGCGG cyp51A 5′ endA. fumigatus
P-B5 AntisenseTTGCGCGGCAGTCGAAAAAGAAC cyp51B 5′ end A. fumigatus
P-B6 Sense CATGGCTGTGGATGGTACTTCcyp51B 3′ end A. fumigatus
P-B7Sense ACTAGGGTCAGTTAGTCC cyp51B 5′ endA. fumigatus
P-B9 AntisenseCCTCATAATATGCTAAGG cyp51B 3′ end A. fumigatus
T-7*Sense TAATACGACTCACTATAGGGCGA 5′ and 3′ ends and sequencing A. fumigatus
Sp-6*Sense ATTTAGGTGACACTATAGAATAC 5′ and 3′ ends and sequencingA. fumigatus
  • a Asterisks denote commercially available primers (Pharmacia).

  • b DNA letter code: B = C or G or T; Y = C or T; R = G or A; N = A or G or C or T. Underlining indicates a BamHI restriction site.