Table 2.

ELISA reactivities of M. tuberculosis lysate, rMTB48, and r38 kDa with HIV-positive and -negative sera from patients with tuberculosis and controlsa

Serum group and patient statusOriginNo. of serum samplesHIV statusSmear resultNo. of samples positive by ELISA
LysateMTB4838 kDa38 kDa + MTB48
Sera from patients with:
 TB,bHIV, and M. tuberculosiscoinfectionUganda17++781213
Uganda2c +1011
South Africa8++6456
South Africa51+47101523
Control sera
 HIV infectionUnited States11+0000
 Class II TB (PPD positive)Africa31000
Europed 60000
Southeast Asia71022
United States-Latin America414134
 Class 0/I TB (PPD negative)Africa10000
Europed 32000
Southeast Asia30000
United States-Latin America220213
  Lung cancerChina132000
  Healthy controlsChina (Caucasian)92000
United States951224
  • a Control sera were from HIV-positive, PPD-positive, and PPD-negative individuals, healthy controls, and patients with lung cancer and pneumonia.

  • b TB, tuberculosis.

  • c One individual was positive for tuberculosis by X ray.

  • d Primarily from Russia and its satellite regions where tuberculosis is endemic.