Table 4.

Discriminatory ability of the TB-MAGIChip for different mutations in the rpoB gene

Amino acid substitutionNucleotide sequences of the probesaStatistical analysis ofr valuesb
Gln510→His GCT CAG (C/A)TG GCT GGT GC 0.410.09
Leu511→Arg AAT TGG CTC (A/C)GC TGG CT 0.03<0.01
Leu511→Pro AAT TGG CTC (A/G)GC TGG CT 0.330.02
Asp516→Val GGT TGT TCT GG(T/A) CCA TGA ATT G 0.230.02
Asp516→Glu GGT TGT TCT G(G/C)T CCA TGA ATT G 0.01<0.01
Asp516→Tyr GGT TGT TCT GGT (C/A)CA TGA ATT G 0.030.06
Asp516→Gly GGT TGT TCT GG(T/C) CCA TGA ATT G 0.020.04
Ser522→Leu GGT CAA CCC C(G/A)A CAG CG 0.060.02
His526→Asp GGC GCT TGT (G/C)GG TCA AC 0.01<0.01
His526→Leu GGC GCT TG(T/A) GGG TCA AC 0.16<0.01
His526→Gln2 GGC GCT T(G/T)T GGG TCA AC 0.150.02
His526→Gln1 GGC GCT T(G/C)T GGG TCA AC 0.01<0.01
His526→Cys GGC GCT TG(T/C)(G/A)GG TCA AC 0.01<0.01
His526→Asn GGC GCT TGT (G/T)GG TCA AC 0.010.01
His526→Arg GGC GCT TG(T/C) GGG TCA AC 0.02<0.01
His526→Pro GGC GCT TG(T/G) GGG TCA AC 0.080.01
His526→Tyr GGC GCT TGT (G/A)GG TCA AC 0.01<0.01
Leu533→Pro TGC CCC (A/G)GC GCC GAC AG 0.010.01
  • a Nucleotides corresponding to the wild-type sequence are shown in bold.

  • b r = Im/Ip, where Im andIp are the fluorescence intensity of imperfect and perfect duplexes, respectively. M, median; L, scattering of data (for details, see Materials and Methods).