Table 2.

Replicate testing results of citrate and mannitol utilization for 10 isolates of M. mucogenicuma

Isolate or sourceResults with:
Citrate from manufacturerb:Mannitol from manufacturerb:
Patient 1NegNegNegNegNegNeg
Patient 2PosPosPosNegNegNeg
Patient 3PosPosNegPosNegNeg
Patient 4NTc NTNegNTNTNeg
Patient 5NTNTPosNTNTPos
Patient 6NTNTPosNTNTNeg
ATCC 49649PosPosPosPosPosPos
ATCC 49650NT PosPosNTPosPos
ATCC 49651PosPosPosPosPosPos
  • a Test media inoculated with a 1:10 dilution of a 7-day broth culture and incubated at 28°C. Average inoculum, 8.8 × 106 CFU/slant. Positive results were expected with both citrate and mannitol. Neg, negative; Pos, positive.

  • b Manufacturers used: Remel, NIH Media Unit, Hardy Diagnostics.

  • c NT, not tested.