Table 1.

Origins and Tm analysis of strains used in this studya

Species and sample (n)Location (yr) of isolationMean Tm ± SD (°C)
B. burgdorferi sensu stricto ATCC 35210 (1)United States84.02
B. garinii
 387 CSF (1)Germany81.62
 Human samples (8)Finland (1996–1999)80.62 ± 0.33b
 Tick samples (10)Finland (1996–1998)81.30 ± 0.40
B. afzelii
 Bo 23 (1)Germany83.71
 Human samples (1)Finland (1999)83.84
 Tick samples (10)Finland (1998–1999)83.42 ± 0.27
  • a DNA was extracted from theBorrelia reference strain, human skin biopsy samples, and tick midguts and was subjected to real-time PCR for the recAgene; melting curve analysis was also performed.

  • b P = 0.0014 when compared toTm of recA PCR products amplified from tick samples.