Microbiology and molecular data of the MSSA and MRSA isolates

SubjectIsolateMRSA- or MSSA-positive sample sitesIsolation dateMLVA typeNGS data
MLSTNo. of SNPsMissing regionsSCCmec typePlasmid(s)Bacteriophage
Patient 1MRSANose, throat, blood culturea24 June 2012MT4053-MC0005CC5bV (5C2&5); ccrC1 deletionpRIVM6519-1 (4.3 kb); pRIVM6519-2 (3.1 kb)Absent
Patient 2MRSANose, throata17 September 2012MT4053-MC0005CC517NoneV (5C2&5); ccrC1 deletionpRIVM6519-1; pRIVM6519-2Absent
Patient 3MRSANose, throata, perineum4 October 2012MT4053-MC0005CC55NoneV (5C2&5); ccrC1 deletionpRIVM6519-1; pRIVM6519-2Absent
HCWMRSAPerineuma21 September 2012MT4053-MC0005CC511NoneV (5C2&5); ccrC1 deletionpRIVM6519-1; pRIVM6519-2Absent
MRSAPerineuma19 November 2014MT4053-MC0005CC552NoneV (5C2&5)AbsentAdditional phage
Husband of HCWMSSAThroata25 September 2012MT4053-MC0005CC54487 bp; 818 bpAbsentpRIVM6519-2Additional phage
  • a Isolate included in NGS analysis.

  • b —, reference genome.