Table 1.

Main features, pretransplant toxoplasma serological status of the recipient and donor, antitoxoplasma treatment, and outcomes for four allogeneic stem cell transplant recipients with toxoplasma PCR-positive blood samples studied by quantitative LC-PCR testa

Patient no.Sex, age (yr), underlying diseaseStem cell transplant typeToxoplasma serological statusGraft-versus-host diseaseMain symptom(s)No. of samples tested (no. of PCR-positive samples)Time (day) of first and last PCR-positive blood samplesAntitoxoplasma drug treatmentOutcome (cause of death)
613M, 47, aplastic anemiaFamilial mismatchR+, D+Acute IIFever6 (4)21–41TMP-SMZ on days 19–37; Pyr-Clin from day 38 until deathDeath on day 180 (bacterial sepsis)
685F, 11, sickle-cell diseaseHLA-identical siblingR+, D−NoneFever9 (7)12–38TMP-SMZ on day 29, continuedAlive
696M, 40, lymphomaHLA-identical sibling R+, D+Acute IFever, enlarged lymph nodes6 (4)34–45TMP-SMZ on day 34, continuedAlive
708M, 47, lymphomaUnrelatedR+, D−Acute IIIFever, behavior trouble, diffuse lesions on cerebral CT scan9 (8)61b until deathAerosolized pentamidine on days 50–70; Pyr-Clin on day 75 until deathDeath on day 109 (coma of uncertain cause)
  • a Abbreviations and symbols: AML, acute myeloid leukemia; TMP-SMZ, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole; Pyr-Clin, pyrimethamine-clindamycin; R, recipient; D, donor; +, positive; −, negative.

  • b PCR-positive CSF on day 75.