Table 4.

Results of testing of 142 clinical isolates by ID 32 Staph and PCR and by real-time PCR

OrganismTotal no. of isolatesNo. of isolates identified by:
ID 32 Staph and PCRReal-time PCR16S rRNA sequencing
S. hominis171717b
S. sciuri333
S. cohnii222
S. intermedius222
S. simulans555
S. epidermidis3026304
S. aureus1110111
S. saprophyticus6561
S. warneri111311
S. haemolyticus242724
S. schleiferi464
S. lugdunensis101210
S. capitis121471
S. arlettae1001
S. pasteuri1001
Acinetobacter lwoffii1001
Micrococcus luteus1001
  • a Number of isolates identified using a combination of all tests and using 16S rRNA sequencing to confirm identity when discrepancies occurred between the ID 32 Staph and PCR and the real-time PCR identifications.

  • b –, not performed.