Table 5.

The length and GC contents of ehrlichial citrate synthase gene

OrganismCitrate synthase gene%GC contents of other gene registered in GenBank (gene, accession number)
Length (bp)aGC content (%)
HGE agent1,23638.342.4 (heat shock protein gene, AF172163)
E. equi 1,23638.342.1 (heat shock protein gene, AF173988)
E. phagocytophila 1,23638.242.1 (heat shock protein gene, U96735)
A. marginale 1,25450.548.8 (heat shock protein gene,AF165812)
A. centrale 1,25451.050.4 (glutathione synthetase gene,M80425)
E. canis 1,25132.133.2 (heat shock protein gene, U96731)
E. chaffeensis 1,25131.333.2 (heat shock protein gene,L10917)
E. muris 1,25131.234.0 (heat shock protein gene, AF210459)
Ehrlichia detected from I. ovatus 1,228 b 30.533.7 (heat shock protein gene, AB032712)
C. ruminantium 1,24832.633.0 (heat shock protein gene,U13638)
E. risticii 1,19743.741.8 (heat shock protein gene, AF206299)
E. sennetsu 1,19743.942.4 (heat shock protein gene,AF060197)
N. helminthoeca 1,21244.250.5 (16S rRNA gene, U12457)
R. prowazekii 1,31133.633.8 (heat shock protein gene,Y15783)
B. henselae 1,29638.644.3 (heat shock protein gene, U78514)
  • a From ATG start codon to stop codon.

  • b Partial sequence; sequencing of the 3′ end has not been completed.