Table 3.

Biprobe identification scheme for CNSa

OrganismBiprobe melting peakb obtained with:
CNS Probe ACNS Probe BCNS Probe CCNS Probe D
S. epidermidis0331
S. warneri110
S. lugdunensis200
S. aureus232
S. intermedius240
S. chromogenes243
S. sciuri250
S. hominis1 or 21
S. haemolyticus22
S. capitis330 or 1
S. caprae331
S. schleiferi40
S. simulans42
S. saprophyticus43
S. cohnii52
  • a Results highlighted in bold are not necessary for identification of that species. –, no peak observed.

  • b Designated 0 through 5, as defined in the legend to Fig. 1.