Table 1.

Serological reactivity of rCFP-10 and r38kDa in smear-positive and smear-negative TB patients and healthy PPD+ and PPD individuals

StatusOriginSmear resultNo. of personsNo. of samples positive by ELISAa for:
rCFP-10br38kDar38kDa + rCFP-10
Healthy, PPD+Africa3000
Europe, Asia6000
Southeast Asia7122
U.S., Latin America41133
 Total PPD+57255
Healthy PPDAfrica1000
Europe, Asia3000
Southeast Asia3000
U.S., Latin America22112
 Total PPD29112
  • a Positive values were greater than the mean plus 3 SD of the sera of healthy PPD persons.

  • b Positive ELISA values for rCFP-10 and TB patient sera ranged from 0.2 to >3.0.