Table 1.

Frequency of inhibition in the COBAS AMPLICOR CT/NG test when assaying for N. gonorrhoeae

GroupSpecimen% Inhibitory (no. inhibitory/total no.)No. with the indicated result after retesting:
All womenEndocervical1.9 (43a/2,238)2b1129
Urine3.4 (77c/2,256)152d22
Asymptomatic menUrethral0.7 (5/704)023
urine0.4 (3/719)111
Symptomatic menUrethral0.2 (3a/1,242)1b01
Urine3.5 (45c/1,287)2779
AllAll2.1 (176/8,446)327365
  • a One inhibitory specimen was not retested.

  • b All three represent false-positive results.

  • c Two inhibitory specimens were not retested.

  • d One specimen was from an infected patient and thus represents a false-negative result.