Table 3.

Comparison of cost, processing time, and other miscellaneous aspects between the evaluated DNA extraction kits

Extraction methodCost/testaProcessing timeb (h:min)Maximum sample vol (μl)Recovered extraction vol (μl)Required reagents not included in kitSpecial equipmente
NSf$4.0002:2803:08200g5070% ethanolVacuum aspirator
PG0.2301:4904:3910020Proteinase K
100% isopropanol
70% ethanol
QIA1.1001:3501:55200200100% ethanol
MP0.6901:0401:59150 (BAL, CSF)35100% isopropanolRefrigerated centrifuge
50 (PLM)75% ethanol
12.5 (BLD)
IQ0.8401:5302:38100100100% isopropanol
70% ethanol
GCC1.0800:4500:55200200Fitted heat blockh
  • a Based on pricing quote (early 1999) from each manufacturer for large-volume orders.

  • b Determined for an 18-sample run. Timing began with aliquoting of first reagent or sample and concluded with recovery of extracted DNA.

  • c Time required to perform manual manipulation of tubes, reagents, and samples.

  • d Time required to obtain extracted DNA, including hands-on time and incubation periods.

  • e Excluding standard laboratory equipment.

  • f An automated extractor is available for laboratories with high sample volumes.

  • g Kit available for larger-sample-volume processing.

  • h Bore size must be large enough to completely contain capture column. Manufacturer recommends specific models.