Growth results for panel of Candida isolatesa

Candida species (location of collection)Growth by strain and type of mediumb
C. auris (South Asia)+++++
C. auris (Africa)+++++
C. auris (South America)+++++
C. auris (East Asia)+++++
C. glabrata+
C. albicans
C. doubushaemulonii
C. haemulonii
C. parapsilosis
C. tropicalisNAcNANANA
  • a Isolates incubated at 40°C with shaking at 250 rpm in a Sabouraud broth or yeast nitrogen base with either dextrose, dulcitol, or mannitol as the added carbon source.

  • b SAB, Sabouraud broth; YNB, yeast nitrogen base. All media contained 10% NaCl (wt/vol).

  • c NA, not available.