Table 1.

Ct values under different PCR conditions

Copy no.Ct valuea
Activation timeb(min) TAQ6a-TAQ6E primer concnc(nM)Probe concnc(nM)Mg2+ concnc(mM)
101 404035373537393535353837373634363440363434
102 403431383230332930333231343231323140313231
103 40302830292830282829282836282828
104 402625252525252525252525272525252533242424
105 40222131202021
  • a The data represent the means of three independent experiments.

  • b The optimal AmpliTaq Gold activation time was established by using the manufacturer-suggested PCR conditions.

  • c The different primer, probe, and Mg2+ concentrations were tested by varying a single parameter at a time, using the optimal AmpliTaq Gold activation time (15 min).