Table 3.

Manually constructed tDNA-PCR library, composed of entries that each consists of a list of tDNA spacer fragment lengths (in base pairs)

Species entryLengths of fragments taken into considerationa
E. faecalis65.8,110.8,266.6
E. faecium63.8,95.5,244,269.2
E. hirae63.9,93,271.5,303.5
E. durans63.8,94.3,−95.5,243.3,269.2
E. mundtii63.5,102.5,269.6
E. avium65.8,92.9,253.8
E. pseudoavium66.2,86.6,220
E. malodoratus65.8,91.6,251.5,−256.5
E. raffinosus65.8,96,252.5
E. gallinarum64.9,95.3,261.5
E. casseliflavus or E. flavescens61.3,69.1,97.5,264.6
E. cecorum63.8,81.2,−154,−155,240.9,254.7
E. columbae66,78.4,237.5,241,255.6
E. dispar64,79.2,231,266,284.1
E. saccharolyticus64,107.8,231,266
E. asini73,98,261.6
  • a Values represent peaks that ought to be present (x) or absent (−y) in the fingerprint of an unknown strain in order to be identified as a certain species.