Table 3.

Serogroup diversity of lineages

LineageNo. of isolates of serogroup:No. of isolates with siaDallele:
ST-41 complex2000000062600
ST-92 complex1100501104113
ST-106 complex206000083013
ST-116 complex20000019408
ST-53 complex000000011407
ST-104 complex00100006007
ST-125 complex00000006105
ST-101 complex05000001060
ST-87 complex00020003104
ST-85 complex50000000500
ST-18 complex20010001301
ST-11 complex04000000040
ST-132 complex40000000400
ST-21 complex20000002220
  • a NG, nongroupable.

  • b NR, no result.