Table 4.

Quantitative culture results on duodenal aspirates preceding NEC in infants colonized with gram-negative organisms and mean log count of indistinguishable Enterobacteriaceae from infants without NEC

NEC stageDays from sample to clinical NECDuodenal aspirate quantitative culture results (log10 CFU/g)REP-PCR/PFGE typesaNo. of non-NEC infants with same REP/PFGE typeGram-negative organisms (mean log10CFU/g)b
IIISame day E. coli (5.96)A′/325.70 (n= 3)
Enterococcus spp. (5.88)
I1 E. coli (5.44)A/276.18 (n = 24)
Enterococcus spp. (3.46)
2 E. coli (3.63)A′/325.70 (n = 3)
S. aureus (4.77)
1 K. oxytoca (5.58)Y/120
CONS (4.34)
9 K. oxytoca (1.77)Y/120
CONS (2.37)
2 Enterobacter cloacae (2.29)F/312.19 (n = 1)
8 K. pneumoniae (2.79)A/113.63 (n = 1)
Enterobacter spp. (3.26)no patt/50
S. liquefaciens (2.54)
  • a Types correspond to those illustrated in Fig. 3 through 5. no patt, no pattern.

  • b n, no. of samples.