Table 1.

Sensitivity of Ebola virus primer-probe sets

Primer setTarget geneaAssaybAmplicon length (bp)LOD for Ebola ZairecLOD for Ebola SudanReference or source
ZAI-NP1/NP2NP268810 fgNDdND20
FILOA/FILOBL419810 fg 741 pg20
EBO-GP1/2GP580680100 pg770100 pg20
EBOGP1D-DblPrbGP+111810 fg  3100 fgNewly designed assay
  • a NP, Ebola virus nucleoprotein; L, Ebola virus polymerase; GP, Ebola virus glycoprotein.

  • b +, TaqMan assay; −, conventional RT-PCR.

  • c PFU LODs are based on a known number of PFU from which viral RNA was extracted. Mass LODs are based on known amounts of purified viral RNA.

  • d ND, not detected.