Table 3.

Enzyme reactions of three different test methodsa

StrainRosco diagnostic tabletsb4-MU-linked substratesbAPIZYM kitc
α-Fucosidaseα-Glucosidaseβ- NAGβ-Galactosidaseα-Fucosidaseα-Glucosidaseβ- NAGβ-Galactosidaseα-Fucosidaseα-Glucosidaseβ- NAGβ-Galactosidase
A. europaeus+++0305
A. funkei++++++++0453
A. georgiae++++0300
A. gerencseriae++++0505
A. graevenitzii++++0255
A. israelii++++0505
A. meyeri++++w0303
A. naeslundii++ww0003
A. neuii subsp.anitratus++++0405
A. neuii subsp.neuii+++0505
A. odontolyticus+++ww+1102
A. radicidentis++++0405
A. radingae+++++++w5555
A. turicensis++++5100
A. urogenitalis++++++0545
A. viscosus++w0105
A. bernardiae+++++0550
A. haemolyticum++++w+++0343
A. pyogenes++++0000
A. schalii++0500
  • a The results with major discrepancies are indicated in boldface. β-galactosidase substrates were ONPG for Rosco diagnostic tablets, β-d-galactopyranoside for the 4-MU-linked substrates, and 2-naphthyl-β-d-galactopyranoside for the API ZYM kit.

  • b −, negative reaction; +, positive reaction; w, weak reaction.

  • c Color intensities: 0, negative; 1 to 2, weakly positive; 3 to 5, positive.