Table 1.

B. cepacia complex strains used to establish genomovar-specific RFLP patterns

Reference strainaB. cepacia complex genomovar (species)Original source of isolatebResult of:
recA-based PCR with primers BCR1 and BCR2crecA-based RFLP
LMG1222IAllium cepaI+Dd
LMG17997IUrinary tract+Ee
CEP509ICF (Australia)+Ee
C5393II (B. multivorans)CF (Canada)+Fa
C1576II (B. multivorans)CF-e (UK)+Ca
LMG13010II (B. multivorans)CF (Belgium)+Fa
LMG14273II (B. multivorans)CF (Belgium)+Fj
ATCC 17616II (B. multivorans)Soil+Fa
LMG12614III-ACF-e (UK)+Gf
LMG12615III-ACF-e (UK)+Gf
C5424III-ACF-e (Canada)+Gf
C6433III-ACF-e (Canada)+Gf
C1394III-BCF-e (UK)+Hh
PC184III-BCF-e (US)+Ji
CEP511III-BCF-e (Australia)+Ih
C7322IV (B. stabilis)CF (Canada)+Jb
C6061IV (B. stabilis)CF (Canada)+Jb
LMG14294IV (B. stabilis)CF (Belgium)+Jb
LMG14940IV (B. stabilis)CF (Belgium)+Jb
LMG18888IV (B. stabilis)Human blood+Jb
LMG16230V (B. vietnamiensis)CF (Sweden)+Ac
LMG16232V (B. vietnamiensis)CF (Sweden)+Ac
LMG10929V (B. vietnamiensis)Rice rhizosphere+Bc
FC441V (B. vietnamiensis)CGD (Canada)+Ac
C2822V (B. vietnamiensis)CF (Canada)+Bc
  • a LMG, culture collection from Laboratorium voor Microbiologie, University of Ghent, Ghent, Belgium; ATCC, American Type Culture Collection; all other strains were from the Canadian B. cepacia Strain Repository.

  • b CF, patient with CF; CF-e, patient with CF epidemic infection; CGD, patient with chronic granulomatous disease. UK, United Kingdom; US, United States.

  • c +, positive result.

  • d Letters correspond to alphabetical RFLP types as shown in Fig. 1A.

  • e Letters correspond to alphabetical RFLP types as shown in Fig. 1B.