Table 6.

Rates of concordance and very major errors, major errors, and minor errors for times 1 to 3

Antimicrobial agent% Concordance (avg)No. of errorsa
Penicillin88.3/93.3/87.2b (89.6)0/0/00.6/0/011.1/6.7/12.8
Cefuroxime91.1/95.0/92.2 (94.8)0.7/0/00/0/0.68.3/5.0/7.2
Cefotaxime93.3/96.7/98.3 (96.1)0/0/00.6/0/06.1/3.3/1.7
Vancomycin100/100/100 (100)c 0/0/00/0/00/0/0
  • a VME, very major errors; ME, major errors; MN, minor errors.

  • b Data are for time 1/time 2/time 3.

  • c Data for 12 isolates for which E-test MICs were 1.5 μg/ml for one of the comparison times were included in this category.