Table 1.

Comparison of sensitivities and specificities of PCRs for three N. gonorrhoeae strains and isolates ofNeisseria spp.

StrainSpeciesAmt of double-stranded DNA/reaction mixtureResult by the following PCRa:
DPNGN. gonorrhoeae100 ngPPP
DPNGN. gonorrhoeae256 fgPPP
DPNGN. gonorrhoeae51.2 fgNPP
DPNGN. gonorrhoeae10.24 fgPP
DPNGN. gonorrhoeae2.048 fgNN
SNBR143N. gonorrhoeae100 ngPPP
SNBR143N. gonorrhoeae256 fgPPP
SNBR143N. gonorrhoeae51.2 fgNPP
SNBR143N. gonorrhoeae10.24 fgNP
SNBR143N. gonorrhoeae2.048 fgP
SNBR143N. gonorrhoeae0.4096 fgN
DPG1N. gonorrhoeae100 ngPPP
DPG1N. gonorrhoeae12.8 pgPPP
DPG1N. gonorrhoeae256 fgNPP
DPG1N. gonorrhoeae51.2 fgPP
DPG1N. gonorrhoeae10.24 fgNN
NH1N. subflava100 ng and crudeNNN
NH5N. subflava100 ng and crudeNNN
NH6N. subflava100 ng and crudeNNN
NH7N. subflava100 ng and crudePNN
NH8N. subflava100 ng and crudePNN
NH9N. subflava100 ng and crudePNN
NH11N. subflava100 ng and crudeNNN
NH13N. subflava100 ng and crudeNNN
NH14N. subflava100 ng and crudePNN
NH15N. subflava100 ng and crudePNN
NH17N. subflava100 ng and crudeNNN
NH18N. subflava100 ng and crudePNN
NH20N. subflava100 ng and crudeNNN
DPCINN. cinerea100 ng and crudeNNN
DPSICN. sicca100 ng and crudeNNN
DPMUCN. mucosa100 ng and crudeNNN
DPLACN. tactamica100 ng and crudeNNN
ATCC 14799N. subflava100 ng and crudeNNN
ATCC 13102N. meningitidis100 ng and crudeNNN
RWM25N. meningitidisCrudeNNN
RWM26N. meningitidisCrudeNNN
RWM28N. meningitidisCrudeNNN
RWM29N. meningitidisCrudeNNN
RWM30N. subflavaCrudeNNN
RWM27N. cinereaCrudeNNN
RWM38N. mucosaCrudeNNN
RWM31N. lactamicaCrudeNNN
RWM34N. lactamicaCrudeNNN
RWM35N. lactamicaCrudeNNN
RWM36N. lactamicaCrudeNNN
  • a N, negative; P, positive; underscores indicate final positive reaction in dilution series.