Table 4.

ETs represented by isolates from two or more states in Mexico

ETNo. of isolatesSerogroupLocality (date)SourceFMU strain no.
Of same serogroup
 16a7O5Hidalgo (1991)Human87243
O5Hidalgo (1991)Human87259
O5Tabasco (1991)Human87139
O5Tabasco (1991)Human87672
O5Mexico (1991)Human87288
O5Tabasco (1992)Human87306
O5Yucatán (1992)Human87291
 2282O149Guanajuato (1991)Human87297
O149Tabasco (1991)Human87673
 2192O149Yucatán (1991)Human87262
O149Zacatecas (1991)87299
 1072O64Veracruz (1991)Human87257
O64Hidalgo (1991)Human87289
 1242O24Veracruz (1991)Human87282
O24Tabasco (1992)Human87434
Of different serogroups
 1814O35Sonora (1993)Sewage water88374
O35Sonora (1993)Sewage water88375
O42Sonora (1993)Fish88351
NTGuanajuato (1991)Human87287
 523O79Zacatecas (1991)Human87295
O43Tabasco (1992)Human87307
O29Sonora (1993)Sewage water88371
 2342O5Campeche (1992)Well water87240
O62Tabasco (1992)Human87304
 1712O41Sonora (1993)Septic tank88366
NTGuerrero (1991)87271
  • a ET 16 differs from ET 17 of strain O5* (India, 1964) at a single locus (that for PLP) (Table 5).