Table 4.

Detailed ORs for the logistic regression model of the association between virulence factors and STEC isolates from serotypes reported in humans, including theeae*stx2 interaction (set 1)a

Comparison OR
eae positivestx2 negative vs eae negativestx2 negative1.74
eaenegative stx2 positive vs eaenegative stx2 negative2.36
eae positive stx2 positive vseae positive stx2 negative13.20
eae positive stx2 positive vseae negative stx2 positive9.68
eae positive stx2 positive vseae negative stx2negative22.87
  • a eae positive, isolate carrying the eae gene; eae negative, isolate lacking the eae gene; stx2 positive, isolate carrying the stx2 gene;stx2 negative, isolate lacking thestx2 gene. These results indicate, for instance, that an eae-positive andstx2-positive STEC isolate is 13.2 times more likely to be from a serotype previously reported in humans than aneae-positive but stx2-negative isolate.