Table 3.

ETs represented by non-O1 isolates from different continents

ETNo. of isolatesSerogroup Locality (date)SourceFMU strain no.
1967O15*India (1968)Human88554
O47*India (1973)Human88586
O51*India (1973)Human88590
O53*India (1974)Human88592
O68*Japan (1978)Seawater88607
O7Campeche (1992)Well water87242
O7Sonora (1993)Fish88354
2566O74*India (1979)Human88613
OAHidalgo (1991)Human87250
OAHidalgo (1991)Human87256
OAVeracruz (1991)Human87264
OAPuebla (1991)Human87246
OAGuatemala (1993a)Human88778
1282O22*India (1968)Human88561
O6Campeche (1991)Human87268
131b2O34*India (1968)Human88573
O14Guatemala (1993a)Human88729
2472O92*Japan (1987)River water88631
O68Tabasco (1992)Human87311
732O23*India (1971)Human88562
O26*Philippines (1972)Human88565
52O37*India (1969)Human88576
O102*China (1988)Human88641
1292O130*India (1981)Human88669
O104*China (1988)Human88643
652O125*India (1981)Human88664
O132*Thailand (1981)Human88671
  • a Date of receipt at the Departamento de Salud Pública de la Facultad de Medicina.

  • b ET 131 differs from ET 132 of strain O14* (India, 1964) at a single locus (that for LAP) (Table 5).