Table 1.

Studies in which culture of M. avium subsp.paratuberculosis from sheep has been attempted

Facility and country of cultureaSample(s)Medium(a)SensitivityTimeReference
 United KingdomLymph nodesModified Dubos50 CFU/g NAb6
 United KingdomGut mucosaModified Dubos-actidione-chloramphenicol75 CFU/ft of intestineNA6
 New ZealandFecesHerrold’s5 of 47 infected sheep; 1 to 15 colonies 6 mo9
 United StatesTissues, fecesHerrold’s, Lowenstein-Jensen3 of 20 infected sheep 6 mo32
 United KingdomTissuesEgg basedTiny colonies after 7 mo in 3 of 12 tubes 7 mo15
 AustraliacMucosaHerrold’s, Lowenstein-Jensen1 of 3 infected ewes after 12 wk 5 mo31
 AustraliacMucosa, lymph node, fecesEgg based4 of 50 infected sheep 5 mo7
 AustraliadMucosaHerrold’s0 of 1 infected sheep 9 mo25
 MoroccoFecesLowenstein-Jensen–mycobactin2 of 10 infected ewes16 wk5
 South AfricaFeces, tissuesHerrold’s2% of 59 infected sheepNA18
 IcelandMucosa, lymph nodesFinlayson’s, modified Dubos, Herrold’s9 to 54% of 22 infected samples 8 mo17
 SpainFeces, tissuesHerrold’s, Lowenstein-Jensen7 and 93% of 41 infected samples, respectively but colonies minute4 to 8 mo20
 IndiaFecesSerum agar57% of 100 infected sheepNA22
 IranFeces, tissuesFinlayson-Taylor, Lowenstein-Jensen75% (sheep and goats not differentiated)NA3
 ChinaNAPotato broth60% of 38 infected sheepNA14
 SpainFeces, tissuesLowenstein-Jensen, Middlebrook 7H11-OADC with or without mycobactin J86% of 25 infected sheep 4 mo1
  • a Countries are divided with regard to whether difficulty or ease was noted or implied in obtaining results.

  • b NA, not available.

  • c New South Wales.

  • d Victoria.