Table 1.

AV 4 and AV 7/7a strains and isolates sequenced for this studya

SerotypeStrainYear of isolationLocation (reference)Age/sexSyndrome
AV 4RI-67 (p)1953Missouri (16)PAP
55142 (v)1963Washington, D.C. (5, 30)20 yr/MFebrile respiratory illness
T63-22971963Stockton, Calif.40 yr/FConjunctivitis
T68-01431968San Jose, Calif.10 mo/MURI
T71-24891971Oakland, Calif.2.5 yr/FPAP
T82-09811982Modesto, Calif.NA/MConjunctivitis
810223-21985San Francisco, Calif.>18 yr/FSeen at VD clinic
3 isolates1988EAMC, Ga.ARD
Z-G 95-8731995Indio, Calif.2 mo/FMeningitis, diarrhea
1 isolate1996EAMC, Ga.ARD
3 isolates1997EAMC, Ga.ARD
1 isolate1997BAFB, Tex.ARD
AV 7/7aGomen (p7)1954Fort Baker, Calif. (2)Pharyngitis
S-1058 (p7a)1955Washington, D.C. (3,28)Respiratory illness
CL 68578 (v)1963Washington, D.C. (5, 30)10 mo/FRespiratory illness
T63-36301963Oakland, Calif.9 yr/MMyocarditis
66-03-02101966Fort Ord, Calif.1 yr/MPharyngitis, URI
T69-07051969Oakland, Calif.11 yr/MMyositis
T72-06711972San Mateo, Calif.1 yr/MRash, fever
T84-09271984Riverside, Calif.17 mo/FPharyngitis, conjunctivitis
T87-14841987Fresno, Calif.12 yr/FPneumonia
T92-02291992Sacramento, Calif.13 yr/FFatal ARD, lupus
T95-07301995San Diego, Calif.NA/FPharyngitis
Kn T96-06201996San Francisco, Calif.27 yr/MFatal ARD
T96-0731b 1996New Orleans, La.2 yr/MFatal ARD
T96-0732b 1996New Orleans, La.1 yr/MSevere ARD
T96-0733b 1996New Orleans, La.5 yr/MSevere ARD
1 isolate1996EAMC, Ga.ARD
2 isolates1996BAFB, Tex.ARD
1 isolate1997BAFB, Tex.ARD
  • a Abbreviations: p, prototype strains; v, vaccine strains; PAP, primary atypical pneumonia; NA, not available; URI, upper respiratory infection; VD, venereal disease; EAMC, Eisenhower Army Medical Center; BAFB, Brooks Air Force Base; M, male; F, female.

  • b Isolates from an outbreak at a medical care facility for physically handicapped children. The outbreak resulted in 13 cases of ARD and 7 deaths from severe ARD.