Table 2.

Determination of the low limit detection level of CA v2.0

No. of HCV RNA copies/mlaDetection of:
6 × 103 Pos. (3.861)Pos.
103 Pos. (3.556)Pos.
102 Pos. (0.613)Pos.
Pos. (1.633)Pos.
Pos. (0.498)Pos.
30Neg. (0.008)Pos.
Neg. (0.007)Pos.
Neg. (0.007)Pos.
  • a Series of diluted specimens containing known amounts of HCV RNA were obtained by diluting a calibrated serum (Accurun HCV RNA).

  • b Crude readings of the optical density at 660 nm (OD660) are furnished by Cobas. Samples are positive (Pos.) with optical densities of >0.15 and negative (Neg.) below this value.