Table 2.

Isolation of mycoplasmas from urine sediments

Characteristic% Isolation
Centrifugation speed
  500 × g61.1
  2,600 × g33.9
Growth medium
Type of growth medium
Other methods
 Blind passagea 26.4
 Plate washb 8.3
 Colony picksc 65.3
  • a At least two blind passages were done with samples which showed no signs of growth before a sample was considered negative for mycoplasmas.

  • b When organisms could not be grown from agar blocks, liquid medium was transferred to those plates, and after 24 h of incubation, the liquid medium was aspirated from the agar surface and transferred into broth cultures to obtain stocks.

  • c Agar surfaces showing a colony morphology with a typical fried-egg appearance were cut and transferred into broth cultures.