Table 3.

Specificity of primer combinations for the identification of Burkholderia spp.

Primer designationaTarget organismsSize of PCR product (bp) for:
B. cepaciagenomovarB. multivoransB. vietnamiensisB. gladioliB. malleiB. pseudomalleiR. pickettii
Eub-16-1 + Eub-16-2Eubacteria519519519519519519519519519
BuRa-16-1 + BuRa-16-2Burkholderia andRalstoniaspp.409409409409409409409409409
Eub-16-1 + CeMuVi-16-2457B. cepacia,B. multivorans, and B. vietnamiensis463463463463463
Eub-16-1 + Ce-16-21028B. cepacia1,0151,0151,015
Eub-16-1 + MuVi-16-21028B. multivorans and B. vietnamiensis1,0151,015
ViMaPs-23-1 + CeVi-23-2B. vietnamiensis1,055
Eub-16-1 + Gl-16-2457B. gladioli463
Eub-16-1 + MaPs-16-2457B. mallei and B. pseudomallei463463
ViMaPs-23-1 + Ma-23-2B. mallei526
Eub-16-1 + Pi-16-2461R. pickettii467
  • a For sequences see Table 2.