Table 2.

Summary of published cases of invasive A. ustus infection

Patient no., sex/age (reference)aUnderlying disease or conditionbDiagnosis, infected siteTherapyClinical response, outcomeAutopsy findings
1, M/50 (2)Prosthetic valveProven, aortic valve prosthesis and mitral valveAmphotericin B (40 mg/day for 6 weeks); flucytosine (8 g/day) for 10 weeks; valve replacementCure, survivalND
2, M/57 (16)Excessive skin burnsProbable, skinAmphotericin B creamFailure, deathNo evidence of disseminated infection
3, M/72 (26)Cardiac surgery, diabetes mellitus, chronic renal failureProven, lungNo antifungal treatmentFailure, deathMultiple infiltrations in lungs, myocardium, kidney, thyroid, and peritoneum
4, F/62 (18)Liver transplant for end-stage hepatitis C-induced cirrhosisProven, skinAmphotericin B (25 mg every other day); terbinafine creamCure, deathNo invasive aspergillosis
5, M/9 (1)AML, aBMT, GvHDProven, lungAmphotericin B (1.5 mg/kg/day)Failure, deathND
6, F/64 (15)COPD, prednisone (60 mg/day)Probable, skinItraconazole (400 mg/day for 2 weeks)Failure, deathNo evidence of disseminated infection
7, F/46 (9)MDS, aPSCTProven, lungItraconazole (400 mg/day for 53 days); liposomal amphotericin B (5 mg/kg/day for 12 days)Failure, deathMultiple infiltrations in lung, myocardium, thyroid, and skin
8, M/38 (PR)CML, aBMT, GvHDProven, lungAmphotericin B (1 mg/kg/day for 18 days)Failure, deathBronchopneumonia; no evidence of disseminated infection
  • a M, male; F, female; PR, present report.

  • b AML, acute myeloid leukemia; aBMT, allogeneic BMT; aPSCT, allogeneic peripheral stem cell transplantation; GvHD, graft-versus-host disease; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; CML, chronic myeloid leukemia; MDS, myelodysplastic syndrome.

  • c ND, not done.