Table 1.

Postmortem PCR amplification results andBartonella blood culture status at sacrifice (day 454)a

TissuePCR result for culture-positive cat no.%PCR results for culture-negative cat no.%Total PCR positive (%)
Brainb c +25+++++d +++8969
Lymph node+e e +e +e 75+e e e e +e e e +e e 3446
Left ventricle+e +e +e 75e +e ++e +e +e 5662
Liver+e +e e +e 75++e ++e +e ++e +e 8985
Kidney++++100++e ++e +e e 5664
  • a +, amplification ofBartonella DNA; −, no amplification ofBartonella DNA.

  • b There was a statistically significant association between negative blood culture results and the ability to amplify Bartonella DNA from brain tissue (P < 0.02; chi-square test).

  • c Neurologic dysfunction on day 106 but afebrile and no CSF was drawn.

  • d CSF obtained from this cat during an episode of neurologic dysfunction (day 81) was PCR-positive; focal seizure activity was noted on day 2522, but this cat was afebrile. CSF was not saved for PCR.

  • e Histologic lesions were observed in adjacent tissue.