Table 1.

Growth and biochemical characteristics ofChromobacterium violaceum isolatesa

Test% of isolates positivebReaction of isolates
Patient 1Patient 2, left foot
Left kneeLeft hand
Gas from glucose0
Violet pigmentation91+
Acid from:
Catalase reaction97+++
Oxidase reaction67++
Growth on:
 MacConkey agar100+++
 Salmonella-shigella agar71+++
Simmons citrate reaction68+++
Urea hydrolysis5
Nitrate reduction97+++
Indole production21+
Triple sugar iron slant, acid8
Triple sugar iron butt, acid94+++
H2S production0
Methyl red reaction37
Voges-Proskauer reaction0
Gelatin hydrolysis86
Growth at:
Esculin hydrolysis5
Lysine decarboxylase0
Arginine dihydrolase100+++
Ornithine decarboxylase0
Growth in nutrient broth:
 0% NaCl100+++
 6% NaCl0
API 20 NE no.515055541505555150555
  • a On Gram staining all isolates were gram-negative rods, and all isolates were fermentative.

  • b Data are from Weyant et al. (21).