Table 1.

Reactivity of MAb S48-13 in dot blot assay with LPS from proteinase K-treated whole-cell lysates from Acinetobacterclinical isolates of unnamed genomic species 13TU

StrainSourceaCountrybOutbreakcReactivity with MAb S48-13d
108BronchusThe NetherlandsNo+
353e SputumDenmarkA
387e SputumDenmarkA
4419e UrineDenmarkNo
9894e SputumDenmarkNo+
9836e SputumDenmarkNo+
10716e SputumDenmarkNo+
10717e SputumDenmarkNo+
12112e BloodDenmarkNo+
53937bbe Not knownDenmarkNo
3417f SputumDenmarkB
3418f SputumDenmarkB
3419f SputumDenmarkB
3420f SputumDenmarkB
3421f SputumDenmarkB
St-11681e BloodGermanyC+
St-7961e BloodGermanyC+
St-8195e CatheterGermanyC+
St-2312e BloodGermanyC+
  • a Source or specimen from which the strain was originally isolated.

  • b Country where the strain was originally isolated.

  • c No, no epidemiological relationship; A to C, epidemiologically related isolates.

  • d Dot blot analysis was performed with proteinase-digested whole-cell bacterial lysates (see Materials and Methods). +, positive reaction; −, no reaction.

  • e Seifert and Gerner-Smidt (29).

  • f Dijkshoorn et al. (6).