Table 1.

Biochemical reactions of B. forsythus

B. forsythus strainSourceBiochemical reactiona
RMA 7251Bite (dog)+++++++++++++
RMA 8286Bite (dog)+++++++++++++
RMA 8360Bite (cat)++++++++++++++
RMA 8464Monkey oralwk++++++++++++++
RMA 8562Monkey oralwk++++++++++++++
RMA 8563Monkey oral+++++++++++++++
ATCC 43037Human oral++++++++++
  • a Abbreviations: BLTS, β-d-disaccharidase; aARA, alpha-l-arabinosidase; ONPG, β-d-galactosidase; aGLU, alpha-d-glucosidase; aGAL, alpha-d-galactosidase; aFUC, alpha-l-fucosidase, NAG,n-acetyl-β-d-glucosaminidase; PO4, phosphatase; GLY, glycine aminopeptidase; PRO, proline aminopeptidase; LGY, leucyl-aminopeptidase; ARG, arginine aminopeptidase; ESC, esculin; TRY, trypsin; CHY, chymotrypsin; bGAL, β-galactosidase; SER, serine aminopeptidase; PYR, pyrrolidonyl aminopeptidase; CAT, catalase; IND, indole. Symbols: −, negative; +, positive; wk+, weakly positive.

  • b Substrates not included in the RapID Ana II System.