Table 2.

Characterization of 12 erythromycin-resistant strains ofS. pyogenes from patients with invasive infections

StrainHospital of OrigincCollection date (mo/day/yr)BacitracindPFGE pattern
SF1818Hospital A (SF)5/31/94RAA
SF3413Hospital B (Alameda)8/11/94RAA
SF1923Hospital C (SF)3/31/95RAA
SF1810Hospital A (SF)2/21/95RAA
SF1615SF County Hospital2/21/95RAA
SF1608SF County Hospital9/27/94SBB
SF1612SF County Hospital11/22/94SB2B2
SF1613SF County Hospital1/7/95SBB
SF1544Hospital D (SF)10/20/94SCC
SF1611a SF County Hospital11/17/94SDD
SF1618SF County Hospital3/22/95SEE
SF1617b SF County Hospital3/10/95SFF
  • a Strain is constitutively resistant to clindamycin; all other strains were inducibly resistant to clindamycin.

  • b Only strain susceptible to tetracycline.

  • c SF, San Francisco County.

  • d R, resistant; S, susceptible.