Table 2.

Reference strains demonstrating results anomalous to those published elsewherea

StrainSpecies and strain designationConventional identificationAnomaly
VH28A. gerencseriae ATCC 23860A. georgiaeRaffinose negative
VH36A. viscosus ser. I NCTC 10951A. naeslundiiCatalase negative
VH47A. denticolens NCTC 11490No identificationTrehalose positive
VH52A. europaeus CCUG 32789ANo identificationNitrate positive
VH59A. bernardiae DSM 9152No identificationβ-N-Acetyl-glucosaminidase positive
VH60A. turicensis DSM 9168Poor differentiationPyrazinamidase positive
VH61A. radingaeDSM 9169No identificationEsculin negativeb
VH62A. phocae DSM 10002A. georgiaeXylose positive
VH63A. suis DSM 20639A. meyeri or A. naeslundiiβ-Galactosidase negative
  • a The previous publications are references 4, 5, 9, and 12.

  • b Reaction listed as positive in the previous studies but negative or slowly positive in the original description of Wust et al. (22).