Table 2.

Cellular fatty acid composition ofB. forsythus isolates

Fatty acidComposition (%)a in B. forsythus isolates
Bite woundMonkey oralATCC 43037
15:0 anteiso FAME49.2 (41.1–55.5)12.2 (9.0–14.3)47.1
16:0 FAME13.0 (10.6–14.7)
16:0 3OH FAME8.6 (4.5–13.7)8.5
17:0 ante 3OH FAME8.1 (8.0–8.7)
18:0 FAME20.8 (17.1–23.9)
18:2cis-9-FAME17.6 (16.7–19.3)
18:1cis-9-FAME15.6 (13.5–18.0)
Summed feature 11b 15.3 (9.0–26.2)17.8
Summed feature 3b 8.5
  • a Values are expressed as mean percentages of the total acids; the range of values for species in the genus is given in parentheses. The compounds included are those that occurred at levels of ≥5% of the total in one or more of the species. −, not present.

  • b Either the sum of two products that elute closely together or a sum of the two peaks forms a more stable product and cannot be distinguished from each other. Summed feature 11 is 17:0 iso OH FAME or 18:2 DMA; summed feature 3 is 15:0 isoacid or aldehyde.