Table 3.

Percentages of agreement with expected biochemical reactions of 248 gram-negative rods on the SSI enteric medium

Bacterial typeNo. of strains whose reaction was in agreement with the expected reaction/no. tested (% in agreement)Result for strain whose reaction was not in agreement with the expected reaction
Salmonellaspp.61/61 (100)
Shigellaspp.28/28 (100)
Vibrio spp.5/5 (100)
Yersinia spp.24/24 (100)
Citrobacterspp.12/13 (92)1H2S negative
Escherichia coli 12/12 (100)
Klebsiellaspp.11/12 (92)1Lactose negative
Providenciaspp.10/11 (90)1Lactose negative
Proteusspp.18/20 (90)2H2S negative
Enterobacter spp.14/17 (82)3Lactose negative
Serratiaspp.15/16 (94)1a Indole positive
Erwinia spp.1/1 (100)
Alcaligenesspp.3/4 (75)1PDb
Other gram-negative rodsc 24/24 (100)
  • a Judged positive for a negative strain.

  • b Phenylalanine deaminase production.

  • c Other gram-negative rods includeAeromonas spp. (n = 4),Burkholderia spp. (n = 1),Agrobacterium spp. (n = 2),Cedecea spp. (n = 1),Acinetobacter spp. (n = 4),Flavobacterium spp. (n = 1),Moraxella spp. (n = 1),Pseudomonas spp. (n = 7),Shewanella spp. (n = 1),Plesiomonas spp. (n = 1), andFlavimonas spp. (n = 1).