Table 1.

Salmonella Enteritidis PT1 isolates

StrainGeographic origin/sourceYr of isolationPFGE subtypePlasmid profileAntimicrobial resistanceaAdditional information
IH 68475Finland, Jyväskylä19961AaHuman isolate
IH 68476Finland, Rovaniemi19961AaHuman isolate
IH 68477Finland, Kuopio19961AaHuman isolate
IH 104209Finland, Helsinki19961AaHuman isolate
IH 68473Finland, Kuopio19961AdHuman isolate
IH 69249Finland, Haukipudas19971AaHuman isolate
IH 69250Finland, Heinola19971AaHuman isolate
IH 69257Finland, Kajaani19971AaHuman isolate
IH 69263Finland, Helsinki19971AaHuman isolate
IH 68250Baltic countries19961AaHuman isolateb
IH 68251Baltic countries19961AaHuman isolateb
IH 68480Estonia19961AaHuman isolatec
IH 68485Norway19961AaHuman isolatec
IH 104498Portugal19961AaHuman isolatec
IH 68484Germany19961AcSul, Tet, StrHuman isolatec
IH 68481Latvia19961AdHuman isolatec
IH 69286Estonia19971AaHuman isolatec
IH 69441Estonia19981AaHuman isolatec
IH 69043Baltic countries19981AaHuman isolateb
IH 69045Baltic countries19981AaHuman isolateb
IH 68478Finland, Helsinki19961BaHuman isolate
IH 104682Finland, Vihti19961BaHuman isolate
IH 68479Finland, Helsinki19961BaHuman isolate
IH 69264Finland, Seinäjoki19971BaNalHuman isolate
IH 68979Finland, Ikaalinen19981BaHuman isolate
IH 69026Finland, Helsinki19981BaHuman isolate
IH 68875Finland, Nummi-Pusula19981BaHuman isolate
IH 69434Finland, Hämeenlinna19981BeHuman isolate
IH 68489Spain19931BaHuman isolatec
IH 68490France19941BaHuman isolatec
IH 67741Portugal19951BaHuman isolatec
IH 68482Poland19961BaHuman isolatec
IH 68483Spain19961BaHuman isolatec
IH 68486Spain, Canary Islands19961BaHuman isolatec
IH 69241Portugal19971BaHuman isolatec
IH 69246Germany19971BfHuman isolatec
IH 69442Spain, Canary Islands19981BaHuman isolatec
IH 69440Spain, Canary Islands19981BaNalHuman isolatec
IH 69443Spain19981BaNalHuman isolatec
IH 69435Finland/strip of leek19951BaFoodstuff
IH 68487Finland/cow19951BaAnimal isolate, sweep sample
IH 68488Finland/cow19951BaAnimal isolate, sweep sample
IH 68474Finland, Vihti19961CaHuman isolate
IH 104210Finland, Jyväskylä19961DgHuman isolate
IH 67791Finland/cow19941EgAnimal isolate, feces
IH 59089Finland, Vieremä19911FaOutbreak strain, human isolate
IH 59439Finland, Vieremä19911FaOutbreak strain, human isolate
IH 59958Finland, Turku19921FaOutbreak strain, human isolate
IH 59943Finland, Turku19931FaOutbreak strain, human isolate
IH 66842Finland, Turku19941FaOutbreak strain, human isolate
IH 67745Finland, Turku19951FaOutbreak strain, human isolate
IH 68964Finland, Tornio19981FaHuman isolate
IH 67832Finland/chicken liver19951FaOutbreak strain, animal isolated
IH 67920Finland/eggshell19951FaOutbreak strain, foodstuffd
IH 59430Spain, Canary Islands19921FbHuman isolatec
IH 69277Hungary19971FbHuman isolatec
IH 69282Russia19971GdHuman isolatec
  • a The strain is sensitive to ampicillin (Amp), chloramphenicol (Chl), ceftriaxone (Cef), imipenem (Imi), mecillinam (Mec), nalidixic acid (Nal), neomycin (Neo), sulfonamide (Sul), tetracycline (Tet), trimethoprim (Tmp), streptomycin (Str), and ciprofloxacin (Cip) unless resistance is otherwise shown.

  • b The strain was provided by the Central Laboratory of Microbiology, Health Protection Inspectorate, Tallinn, Estonia.

  • c The strain was from a Finnish tourist who had visited the country listed before the salmonella finding.

  • d The strain was from an outbreak in a Finnish commercial layer flock (10).